With judicial candidates like these……

Two debaters – one being an Indiana Senator. Neither likes taking money away from public education with the choice of homeschool.  Didn’t anyone ever tell them that homeschoolers are putting in money for public education (while taking nothing out)? Are these two the only choices available, as common sense doesn’t seem to be at hand.  Rather, it’s their belief system.
Here’s one candidate’s [Birkholz’s] quotes from Schooling Key Topic at Forum in LaPorte, Indiana:

“I’m not opposed to home-schooling, but I think all kids should be in the public school system,” she said. “When we pull kids out of the public schools, it hurts the schools.”

She doesn’t oppose homeschooling, but she does think all kids should be in the public school.  I guess she’s trying to be a politician.

What I was hearing from the principal(s) was Good Riddance to many kids and families.   When kids were pushed or pulled out of schools because they didn’t fit into the box, or were discipline problems or worst case NCLB scenario; had bad standardized test scores.  Let’s not forget those involved parents that ask too many darn questions and won’t leave the school people alone to do what they will with their kids [raising hand wildly].  But Birkholz must be talking about the kids they DO want in the schools.

Which “local unions” had her support, you wonder?

Then we go to the other candidate:

But what Arnold doesn’t support is home-schooling.

“Every time we take our students out, we are taking money away from public education,” he said.

Apparently, they both have “beliefs” in the public school religion.  Apparently they don’t know how to add two and two and see that in the public school system; funding equals 10.


With judicial candidates like these…… — 2 Comments

  1. What do these candidates believe about private schools then? These also ‘take away’ money from public schools.

    Everyone screams against monopolies until someone starts talking about welfare programs (supported by taxpayers with a gun to their heads)like public schools.

  2. It is strange, isn’t it?

    I suppose judicial activism will come into play at some point. The Constitution is ignored and it looks like a lose/lose situation for people like homeschoolers and private schools.

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