Ugly interference for homeschoolers in CT

Regarding homeschool interference from public schools or other governmental entities, I’ve always been more concerned for families leaving the public schools than the families that have always homeschooled.  If there is a bully to be found in school administrators, then they dig in deep for whatever reason. Losing seat attendance loses money and most administrators don’t want students leaving their domain.  What is happening in Connecticut is one dreadful illustration of that bullying of families. 

In CT, the Dept of Children and Families can tag team with the school districts for charges of educational neglect.  Sorry state of affairs, but fortunately these families have some go-getters with Deborah Stevenson and Judy Aron of NHELD.  Good thoughts for all of them from out here on the prairie.

Some legislators who are concerned about this situation are trying to help with a bill.  From Judy:

CT Legislators Attempt to Help Homeschoolers

Parents should be able to withdraw their children from school and not have the school keep their children on the enrollment lists and then have them reported to DCF !! This has happened, and is still happening already to 25 families in CT!

Judy says this about the NHELD sponsored press conference  Press Conference Regarding DCF Abuses Scheduled For June 6 – Sponsored by NHELD

Specifically, parents desiring to remove their children to educate them at home are being falsely reported to DCF by school administrators in order to prevent them from leaving the school system. Parents are being coerced into complying with demands that have no basis in statute under threat of removing their children from their homes.

You will hear from Isabelle Hall-Gustafson, whose husband is on military deployment overseas. She is a mother who was reported by her school district to DCF for educational and medical neglect after the school, itself, chose to ignore doctors’ notes and a medical plan for the child, only to call the child truant and the mother neglectful. You’ll also hear from another mother, Christine Canfield, who provided doctors’ notes for absences for her daughter, only to be told that wasn’t good enough, that she had to sign medical releases so the school could know more and talk privately to the child’s doctors. When that Mom said, “No,” the public school reported her to DCF, and DCF substantiated her for neglect. Other parents will talk about their experiences as well.

And here’s the report:  Results Of Wednesday’s Press Conference

Valerie has several articles and interviews all lined up on HEM NewsCom


Ugly interference for homeschoolers in CT — 2 Comments

  1. I my view point Isabelle Hall-Gustafson my sister was NOT qualified to home school her son. My sister having just miminal limited high school education could not teach algebra, chemistry, history, reading and writing, physical education, and etc. that is necessary in public schools. I have never seen my sister Isabelle Hall-Gustafson teach her son except allow him to play all day long 7 days a week video games.

  2. Thanks for your generous thoughts about your sister.
    Have you ever wondered why so many children in public schools grow up to be woefully under-educated? It doesn’t seem to have much to do with a college degree or certification.
    Your support and viewing of your sister’s family must have been impressive while her husband was deployed.

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