Tutors International Doesn’t Cooperate

Various people, including some homeschoolers, don’t like homeschooling co-ops.  Some private tutor (organizations) seem to be exceptionally opposed to cooperatives.

Fancy that.

An organization sent out a press release:

Research by Tutors International shows that home-school cooperatives rarely work out

Mr Caller [Tutors International founder] mentions a few homeschool cooperatives that have succeeded, but stresses that they have more formal structures in place, ensuring everyone has a voice, and procedures for handling disputes. The families have gone into the venture with very open eyes. He recommends that for families that can afford a private tutor, “don’t be tempted to homeschool with another family on a full-time basis. Of course, group lessons can sometimes be great fun but keep them informal and irregular, and if your aim is to improve your tutored child’s social life, do that with sports and hobbies that won’t affect the quality of his/her homeschool education.”

It’s a bit like school employees criticizing homeschoolers regarding socialization.  School socialization, that is.

 “Advertising – A judicious mixture of flattery and threats.”
Stephen Leacock


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