Smart and Frugal Peoria Homeschooler

Bargain hunters browse through donated items at Lakeview book sale

Peoria resident Becky Almeida, who home-schools her two sons, Jude, 11, and David, 8, picked up a crateful of textbooks for $61, she said.

"I paid $3 for this," she said, holding up an American government textbook. "This would’ve cost me $60 to $80 anywhere else. I’m coming back on Wednesday with the $5 bag deal."

Prices will fall 50 percent Monday and 75 percent Tuesday. The sale will end with a $5 brown bag sale Wednesday.

 Hmmm…..Peoria’s not THAT far away.  But there is that Scholastic Warehouse Sale this weekend.  (Hoping the official bookshelf putter upper isn’t reading this…) 

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