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B and GThere are a couple of bills sitting right now regarding parental control and consent of mental health screening and medicating. One is an Illinois state bill and below is information about that.

I believe the abuses of coercive prescribing by non-medical professionals in schools along with the threat of DCFS for non-cooperation has affected the freedom of families to take their kids out to homeschool, for one. But there’s more involved than that for homeschoolers. (Links provided below)

Here’s the state bill (HB 3031) sitting on Senator Schoenberg’s desk. Here’s the synopsis from the bill

Replaces everything. Amends the Children’s Mental Health Act of 2003. Provides that any screening services provided under the Children’s Mental Health Plan must be voluntary and conducted with parental consent and in accordance with the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code. Effective immediately.

The senator could use some input from interested parties regarding parental control of our children being screened for mental health. (He is considering a stronger parental consent version (opt in for parental consent or explicit consent) if he receives enough feedback supporting that. Here’s a link with more information concerning that .

If this is of concern to you, please contact Senator Schoenberg’s office via email, phone or send a note. Senator Schoenberg’s email address is .Other information at his Evanston office:

820 Davis St. Suite 102 Evanston, IL 60201 Phone: (847) 492-1200 Fax: (847) 492-1202

Fran Eaton has spoken with Senator Schoenberg about this bill and passed this along. (She lobbies for conservative groups such as Concerned Women, Eagle Forum. Some of you might be familiar with the groups that Fran represented and not be very comfortable with them. I understand that as I’m not comfortable with some of their issues either. BUT I do know that Fran and the Concerned Women group and Eagle Forum are very concerned about this screening issue and its effect on families. I can work with that.)

Here are some excerpts of what Fran passed along: “Senator Jeff Schoenberg (who now controls the House bill in the Illinois Senate) is interested in not only moving HB 3031 this spring, but is seriously considering amending it to stronger language which would require written parental consent as an opt-in. I spoke with him last week about the legislation….”

She also made this point: "The key is that we identify ourselves as representing diverse groups, from various ideological political perspectives. We need both liberals, conservatives, those with medical, psychological, psychiatric, pharmaceutical, religious, secular or any other political perspective to voice to Senator Schoenberg our concerns about the children’s mental health screening initiative."

I know that many homeschoolers from all over the political arena have been upset with the passage of the IL Children’s Mental Health Act and its consequences. (I read a really good article about this from an Illinois unschooler a couple of years ago that I wish I could dig up again.)

Fran also includes this: "This bill is an important part of repairing or rectifying the family-child interference resulting from the 2003 IL Children’s Mental Health Act."

The language (link) from that Act is included below along with the original Plan (which is a heads up about universal mental health screening). It calls for mental health screening in the doctor’s office (for pregnant women as well as children) and pre-schools along with inter-agency networking of data and information. That original Plan link is listed below on the ISBE site and here in my links section. A new Plan is submitted (and revised) every year per the ICMH Act.

And please also note the 2004 IL House of Representatives Resolution calling for “every young person to be screened” using TeenScreen as the ‘tool’.

The screening language in legislation and statutes seem to stem from the very strong pharmaceutical lobbying going on in DC and here in IL and other states. This issue has been covered extensively in the IL Leader. Many of those old links can be found on this site now:  Look under Illinois Leader articles included under ‘general, forced screening’.  The Leader is now defunct. It also should include information about the Bush initiative of the New Freedom Commission that started this money (block grant) trail leading straight into Illinois and in pharmaceuticals’ pockets.

I hope Senator Schoenberg ( hears all various viewpoints; individuals and groups. Recently an Oregon homeschooling mom sent me her horrific story. Her son was given a survey (w/o her knowledge when she was asked to step out of the room). She was seeking medical help for him for a physical ailment and the person who administered the survey was unqualified and the survey was age inappropriate, (Achenbach Youth Self-Report (YSR) for Ages 11 – 18). He was younger than that age range.

I hope this never happens to any of our precious children here or anywhere. Unfortunately, with Acts such as the ICMH Act of 2003, along with public school abuses, that’s exactly where we’re heading. Please let Senator Schoenberg know your feelings about this.

And please contact your own Senator: And ask them to give Senator Schoenberg their support for protecting our children from mental health screening that has no parental consent. Ask them to support this by adding his or her name to the co-sponsor list if Senator Schoenberg agrees to go with a stronger version of HB 3031. This could be critical in moving HB 3031 into action in the next few weeks. Thanks all, for reading. Please contact me if you have any questions about this issue. I’ll be happy to respond. Best, Susan Ryan ===================================================================== Here are some informational links concerning this issue: 

IL Children’s Mental Health Act 

The original wish list for all children in IL 

2004 HOUSE RESOLUTION for TeenScreen recommendation for “every young person [to] be screened once during childhood or adolescence to identify mental illness and prevent suicide…”

 Bulletin #37 . Mental Health Assessment. 

Increased Mental Health Screening? Are You Crazy!?!


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