One Spelling Bee Contestant Who Won’t Stress

My husband sent this my way as we both appreciated this young lady doesn't like to waste time.  She knows how to spell, but she has lots of other issues to contemplate:

How Do You Spell Precocious? 6-Year-Old Spelling Bee Contestant Would Know

Lori Anne is also a little girl who knows what she likes and doesn't like. Interviews, for example, can be a bore. So, she insisted that one news outlet come along with her on a search for "snails, slugs, tadpoles, water striders, baby snakes and more":

"Lori Anne was more than happy to let a reporter and photographer from The Associated Press tag along at a picnic with other gifted home-schooled children, but she craftily steered any questions about spelling back toward the joint pursuit of slimy things in the creek."

I like her style.  We had a kid who did his best thinking while upside down or drawing.  Worked for him and obviously is working for Lori Anne. 


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