On Home Education – 150 Years Ago

This one pulls at me.  One of my jobs is editor of our local historical quarterly and I read many glimpses from the past.  It’s fascinating and enlightening to discover what worked and what didn’t work over time’s passage in our small farm community.

From Wisconsin’s Watertown Daily Times

Glimpses from the Past:

Oct. 23, 1863

Home Education — Whatever defects there may be in home education, and it is a subject which for a long time has engaged the attention of profound thinkers and the benevolent, it is certain that the exceptions are rare where the moral training of the mother is not according to her best capacity for the advantage of her offspring.

The mother’s influence is often counteracted by the father. Home education, where the parents are united in sentiment, leaves its impressions upon the mind and heart which can never be effaced.

The principal cause of so many departures from the path of right is evil associations. The effect of these impressions are more lasting, in most cases, than the influence and example of parents. Home education is the best for the youthful mind.

The most determined man in every situation in life will be influenced by the early teachings of his mother.


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