Legal Group may no longer have a problem……

But homeschoolers in Amherst still will. (If this goes through).

AMHERST — City Council on Monday night voted to send a daytime curfew ordinance back to the Police and Fire Committee so its wording can be changed.

The 4-2 vote came after the city received a letter from the Home School Legal Defense Association, a national group that provides legal support to parents who homeschool their children. Some Amherst residents are members of the group.

The letter said the legal group would no longer have a problem with the ordinance if it more specifically defined which minors police could go after, and also included categories for students who have been suspended or expelled. Homeschooling parents have been vigorously opposed to the plan.

Why not just vigorously oppose the plan instead of making these deals? Because if a daytime curfew is approved, homeschoolers will have to prove that they’re homeschoolers when they’re out and about.  And that just seems wrong to me.

And I wonder if ALL the local homeschoolers approved of the Deal.  Wouldn’t be the first time when the authorities listen to the suits instead of all the people who have to deal with the situation.  I guess a lawyer has to do what a lawyer has to do?  It’s a darn shame.


Legal Group may no longer have a problem…… — 2 Comments

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