Keeping Track of the Good Things about Homeschooling

There are a lot of good things about homeschooling and one is the freedom we enjoy to fight good educational niches for our kids (and families).  It's missed when it's gone and that's why we fight so hard to keep it.  Fortunately for homeschoolers and other young people who would like to freely walk the streets of Carlinville, the daytime curfew -also known as a truancy ordinance- was defeated by a 5-3 vote last week.  Hurray for the good guys.

Carlinville daytime kid curfew proposal fails 

“A daytime curfew is not needed and not constitutional,” Koyne said. “The state and local school has truancy laws in place as well as truant officers, so if it is a truancy problem in public school students, they have resources to handle it.” Some of the home-school parents said it does not take them from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily to cover their school subjects because their children have one-on-one instruction. “So as your proposed ordinance is stated, once we are done with our schooling, if my 17-year-old wants to drive her and her younger siblings to the Carlinville Public Library, a resource we use a lot, before 3 p.m. on a public school day, she can't,” Koyne said.

Carlinville School District's 2009 chronic truancy rate is 1.4%, which seems to be minimal.  But there are definitely some homeschool un-friendly school authorities in the area. It appears the reason for a truancy ordinance has little to do with truancy.  Just in case you're from that area and want to deliver kudos to the nay votes and questions to Mr. Albertine, Mitchell and Staerk, here's the voting results from the Journal-Courier:

Unlike a truancy ordinance adopted by the Macoupin County Board — which exempts home-schooled, military or private school students — Carlinville City Attorney Will Hebron said the city's proposal included “all kids.”

A motion to pass the daytime curfew failed. Those voting against it were Joe Direso, John Koster, Mark Loveless, Dave Steiner and Greg Ward. Those in favor were Sonny Albertine, Brian Mitchell and Mark Staerk.

Way to go, Macoupin County homeschoolers, in exposing the agenda and calling the Regional Office of Education and school district to their task of using the information they have to find the apparently few public school truant kids they have.  You join Salem homeschoolers in the streetways of freedom.  I'd love to hear more stories about homeschoolers defeating these propositions.  It's much better than finding an approved daytime curfew ordinance (officials like to call it a truancy ordinance) in community agendas and minutes.

Here's another good thing our family has enjoyed in the past:  Journey North

Journey North starts up their Mystery Class tomorrow:

Mystery Class is About to Begin!
We challenge you to find the ten secret Mystery Classes hiding around the globe. Are you ready to begin? Teachers, connect with the new Journey North Teacher Network!

1. Monday, January 31st

Fall Sunset on the Farm

First clue for the mystery location is February 4th.  I am grateful that our photoperiod is becoming a little longer….slowly…..but surely. 

One last good thing playing out over this weekend.  Our boys pulled out their violin, banjo and cello along with their guitar strumming dad to play at church this morning. They picked up their musical tricks 30 miles down the interstate with some wonderful teachers C4A Winter Festivaland a great community organization.  Yesterday during the Center for the Arts Winter Festival, I was speaking with one of our favorite teacher/friends who is now student teaching at a public high school.  He said there will likely be more cuts to that school's music program, which is so sad for so many different reasons having nothing to do with kids and learning opportunities. 
I'm grateful that we cut our own musical pathway for the boys.  That less traveled path for us also pulled in the rest of our family for various family/community activities.  It's been a wonderful gift.


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