“Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?”

After decades and over $2 billion worth of failures in Kansas City, Missouri; a parent’s question brought to the forefront by many media outlets seems seriously legitimate to me. 

"Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?"

But maybe it was simply a threat by folks to keep the buildings open in a community.  Even though teens are dropping out or failing to receive sufficient education.  Greed endures when bureaucracies reign. 

Following that, there are any number of articles about the outrage concerning the Texas School Board of Education. School textbook editing by following left or right political wind directions are unfortunate.  Meanwhile, there are too many children sucked into the educational hurricane with nothing but debris for results. 

There is a vast array of educational wealth having nothing to do with school textbooks. My use of the word – educational – having a different meaning than the edu-industry – Test till You Drop –  word.  

Getting sidetracked a bit more; comparison of the ‘educational’ word meaning is similar to use of the word – socialization -.  School socialization is a unique phrase that now bears the creepy importance ofLearning Standards in Illinois.  That term is quite different to freely walking about socializing in your community. 

But, if taxpayers can’t figure out how our governmental system is supposed to work – limited and with a constant nod to natural rights – then we, as a society get what we deserve.  Decatur Representative Flider, who Introduces Legislation that Lowers the Age to Enter Kindergarten "to study the educational value of kindergartens in terms of student academic achievement". He must consider $250,000/fiscal year for this Decatur pilot program a drop in Illinois’ bottomless red slop bucket.  We could remind Representative Flider that kindergarten and pre-school have been around for a generation or three.  He also sponsored a bill that passed into an Act, that was then deemed unconstitutional because of privacy rights violations. 

Illinois Driver’s Education Act considered unconstitutional

Primary sources such as our Constitution along with living history facts are always a good look, but asNaomi Wolf notes; it’s just not happening. I think the results are apparent in our corrupt federal and state government, including the Washington Way modeled after the Chicago Way.  It’s reported that nation-wide, 1 in 3 US public high school students do not receive a diploma.  Even after reading the Sun-Times ‘Fake Learning’ article and regardless of the educational quality of a high school diploma, how devastating is the start of a non-graduated adult life?  How did 1/3 of our vast federal tax monies allocated for schools turn into that result for so many of our young peoples’ lives?  

While the media and others such as a NW University’s law professor, rant on concerning their views of politically incorrect materials that some homeschoolers use for their children, I celebrate the freedom to teach children whatever suits the family.  Those families who are learning the joys of education and celebrating natural curiousity and explorations.  (Our family wasn’t cracking open science textbooks either.   Rather, we like the Citizen Science idea.)

You don’t need the building if you’ve made the informed choice to walk away.  You don’t need to worry about the contents of a school textbook, if you chose to unleash yourself and your children and find glorious educational means.  There really is a choice that doesn’t just mean "school choice".  One other thing…..it’s much less stressful and much more freeing to educate your children at home than to deal with the school.  


“Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?” — 3 Comments

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! We take it even further as we’ve been traveling the world on 23 dollars a day per person since 2006, so our homeschool is roadschool or world school.

    As I recently said on my blog:

    “We are educating children to have safe secure jobs in 1950.” Kiyosaki

    Homeschoolers will be better off than the rest and more will be choosing this way.

  2. from the WSJ today:

    Jaime Escalante, the brilliant public school teacher immortalized in the 1988 film, “Stand and Deliver,” died this week at the age of 79. With the help of a few dedicated colleagues at Garfield High in East Los Angeles, he shattered the myth that poor inner-city kids couldn’t handle advanced math. At the peak of its success, Garfield produced more students who passed Advanced Placement calculus than Beverly Hills High.

    In any other field, his methods would have been widely copied. Instead, Escalante’s success was resented. And while the teachers union contract limited class sizes to 35, Escalante could not bring himself to turn students away, packing 50 or more into a room and still helping them to excel. This weakened the union’s bargaining position, so it complained.

    By 1990, Escalante was stripped of his chairmanship of the math department he’d painstakingly built up over a decade. Exasperated, he left in 1991, eventually returning to his native Bolivia. Garfield’s math program went into a decline from which it has never recovered. The best tribute America can offer Jaime Escalante is to understand why our education system destroyed rather than amplified his success—and then fix it


  3. I’m sorry to hear Escalante has passed. WSJ wrote an excellent tribute to him, along with the serious problems created by it ‘not being about the kids’. Thanks for the link, Jeffie.

    Thanks for posting, soul travelers 3. It looks like you have that homeschooling freedom down. What a dream.

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