Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch

We put the announcement below out earlier this week and the list has blasted off.  Issues such as the Truant as a Homeschooler/Kim Harris problem, Homeschool Registration Forms along with who, what and where for those unnecessary, intrusive forms, daytime curfew and truancy ordinances in various municipalities along with hope for more networking, watchdog-ness and action (when necessary) to maintain our homeschool freedoms.  It’s exciting! 

Here’s our announcement and it’s now in the process of turning from a 2 person project into a grassroots coalition.

Greetings fellow homeschoolers,

On several Illinois online homeschool lists and other publications,
there has been concern shown by homeschoolers with the lack of
networking, notification, and understanding in the past few years of a
number of Illinois statutes passed that affect homeschoolers or have
strong signs of a future effect. There have also been more and more
blatant legal infringements on a more local level (ie. Regional
Offices of Education or public school districts) on homeschoolers and
public school families wishing to leave the public school to
homeschool. In response to this and with the hope that this effort
will help to maintain our wonderful homeschool freedoms in Illinois,
we would like to announce the beginnings of a new grassroots
networking effort for homeschoolers in Illinois.

Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch is the group and we’re starting it
off with a new watch list. To join, please send an email to the
following address:

Here is the list description:

"This list exists to network ALL homeschoolers interested in Illinois
homeschool laws, homeschooling legal issues, court cases involving
homeschoolers and homeschooling legislative issues in Illinois,
regardless of any group affiliation.

All homeschoolers are welcome to join, regardless of homeschooling
educational philosophy or religious affiliation. Members are
encouraged to share experiences, wisdom and questions about legally
homeschooling in Illinois.

While there are bound to be disagreements, it is important that we
maintain civility in our discussions. Although we may have our
differences, we need to remain united in our desire to keep our
homeschooling freedoms in Illinois.

Please join us and share your questions and your knowledge of various
legal/legislative situations in the Illinois homeschooling world.

Please forward this information to any group or individual that would
be interested. Thank you for your attention to this very important
matter. "

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