Homeschooling is “viable”

One more note of approval and this is from the San Francisco Chronicle Homeschooling is a viable alternative to public schools


Now leave us alone.  Please. 

We’re busy living the homeschooling life, after all.

The article’s author was

Richard Sousa serves as senior associate director and as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is the co-author of "School Figures: The Data Behind the Debate" (Hoover Institution, 2003).

Henry Cate wrote a review of this book in Why Homeschool

Page 266 of the book illustrates Home Education as the "fastest growing alternative…. and a good one at that".

But it’s listed in a book and chapter about School Reform (as a Proposition).  We’re not a part of School Reform.  When we get stuck in that category, then, if you’ll pardon the change of phrase, someone wants to reform us as a school.  We’re a home and we’re a family in charge of their children’s education.

In Sousa’s book, some of the illustrated points from data (of sorts) are that 1 out of 4 homeschool parents are certified teachers, how many parents are college educated and that tiresome Rudner study about how tests went for some homeschoolers in 1998.  Besides the very pertinent point that homeschoolers cannot be counted in many states; including Illinois, it’s also a fact that it doesn’t matter whether the parents are certified teachers or college educated.  They just need to want to have their kids learned and curious.  The search and find for information and resources is part of that great educational adventure.  That would also be called legitimate research, as opposed to this hash (rehash) of inaccurate data. 

Valerie has a post noting one feminist’s (as I read it and as the writer’s official credentials seem to illustrate) look at homeschooling and how we all need a good look from the feds and the state.  She is also a Northwestern University law professor.

Illiberal Education: Constitutional Constraints on Homeschooling

I’d be ok without all this wonderment and curiousity about the success of homeschoolers.  There are too many people such as Ms. Yurako and her cronies that want their hands on our children.  Homeschooling success doesn’t make them particularly happy.  Listen to the presidential candidates and you’ll see that people like Yurako have many powerful allies. 

But Ron Paul is the only candidate (Republican or Democrat) who openly opposes Universal Preschool. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.  Please let me be wrong.)  Diane Flynn Keith from asked his office and "he is opposed to government funded universal preschool".

On the Universal Preschool blog, another Chicago institution (Voices for Illinois Children, but NOT my children despite their weighty name pronouncement), and its president got a response from me in our local paper.

2006/06/27 – Illinois: Opposing ‘Government Knows Best’

It would be nice if all of these "public actors"  stopped messing with families, or "private actors".  (These terms were used in Yurako’s diatribe and the word usage is a bit unsettling. ) I’m not acting.  These are my kids and my family.  We made a decision to homeschool because it was best for our family, even with consideration of the ‘public theater’.  We’re the ones who Did It My Way.

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  2. I second that “leave us alone.” We’ve been at it for over 17 years now, and we don’t need any help from the government, thank you very much!

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