Homeschooling and Public School Sports Activities

Several states, including Georgia and Alabama introduced “Tim Tebow” bills allowing homeschoolers to participate in public school sports and other activities under the school control.  Both Georgia’s and Alabama’s bills failed in 2011, as did Virginia’s in the past legislative session.

But, in Virginia’s current legislative session, a “Tebow Bill” – HB 1442 has passed out of the Education Committee and is on its third reading in the House.    [Update – HB 1442 passed and will be moved over to the Senate.]  CBS DC covered the companion bill currently in the Senate Education Committee, SB 812, that will likely be stricken from the agenda since HB 1442 is moving along.

A Georgia media outlet reported this in reaction to a school official’s inference homeschoolers shouldn’t be allowed to “cherry pick”:

Are homeschooled students missing out? – WLTZ 38 | Columbus Georgia Regional News & Community

But for Joseph and his family, that’s okay.

“As homeschoolers, I have kind of pulled out of that anyway, not for anything negative, but I have made a decision that we need to find our own activities,” Joseph’s mom, Dorothy Bryant, says.

Joseph says he doesn’t need a school to pursue his other love, theater.

Most public schools are limited to a handful of sports for each gender- basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, softball and a couple of others.  But many of these school associations that control the extra-curriculars have also pulled in Quiz Bowls, theater and other activities not just requiring a strong, coordinated body.  Fortunately, the schools do not have a monopoly on community theater or a variety of other fun activities such as TaeKwonDo, archery, shooting sports, ballet or other dancing.

One thing for sure, the Virginia homeschooled kids interested in this issue are getting a hands-on, up-front experience in how our government works.

Tae Kwon Do Testing

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