Homeschoolers’ Information Gap is NOT a Home Education Problem

"So home-schooling grows with the same surprising speed and volume as charter schools. Our debate about charters is rooted in some useful data. By contrast, we still don’t know much about home-schooling. Nor does there seem to be much effort to close that information gap."  ~ Jay Mathews 

That "information gap" homeschoolers create drives many public school wonks crazy.

Too bad.

In today's Washington Post education column, Mr. Mathews touted a new homeschool research book, while lamenting an underabundance of "solid empirical work on homeschooling". Back in 2009, Jay Mathews also commented on another researcher's book and conclusion.  My thoughts about that synopsis are here. (Public School)Teacher Education Professor Robert Kunzman's intent was affirmed by Jay Matthews, along with a follow up interview in the Sioux Falls Homeschooling Examiner

Anyone can consider "homeschooling a perfectly legitimate educational option, and know many families who do a wonderful job with it. "  They can even be nice people.  But their quest for data threatens our homeschooling lives and success.  These professional livelihoods have struggled mightily against our parental protective role as home educators. 

Long time homeschooler and author Linda Dobson understands the problem and noted the difficulty of a non-homeschooling "homeschool expert" on her Parent at the Helm Facebook page:

Oh, look. this reporter used the new ICHER (International Center for Home Education Research) to spout off about a need for #homeschooling regulation. You'd best get ready, gang. It's only just begun.

The article –  As Homeschooling Increases, So Does Accountability – is not a friendly piece for homeschoolers.  

Homeschoolers are generally successful educating our families. Along the way, many of us learned that feat transpires because we're resolved to protect our freedoms and our privacy.  That is not a criminal act.

It's that simple.  That information gap is not our problem nor our homeschooled children's regarding well being and quality of life. No apologies because our kids' education and lifestyle is not a job creator for a public school policy expert.  

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