Homeschool Your Preschooler Legally-Ouch!

A CA letter to the editor in response to the Meat Head’s proposal for Univeral Preschool in CA. 

Why force kids into preschool?

I’m continually discouraged to see the message that parenting is a secondary concern to wage earning and self-satisfaction, as communicated in the media to force children into an extra year of public school through the Universal Preschool movement.

What if children actually benefit from extra time at home? Could it be possible that a parent who stays home — sometimes at the expense of a nicer home or self-fulfillment — is even better at nurturing a young child than a government-employed teacher? I suppose this would severely interfere with our culture’s value of government over family, self-fulfillment over sacrifice, and instant over delayed gratification.

By the way, if UP passes, y’all can still home-school your preschool children legally.

Ann Bricker
San Jose

How did we get to this State of affairs where this is even an issue?  Good letter, but it hurts to read that last sentence in black and white.    Bridget and Kelly

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