HB 3031-To Be (Voluntary) or Not To Be

I’ve been thinking again about the beginnings of this IL Children’s Mental Health Act as legislation again starts cooking up a bit here in IL.  

The original Plan is listed under the ISBE site . And that is the pored over version by the Mental Health Task Force to include every little thing; the Real intent.  If the Plan is updated every year, they just might achieve that goal sooner rather than later. And By the By, the only time voluntary [in context as it was also noted once more elsewhere in the document] was used in the April 2003 original Plan that they wanted badly was here:

3. Provide at least two voluntary home visits by a registered nurse to all Illinois families following the birth of a child to assess the physical, social and emotional health of the new family, and link them to appropriate follow-up services as needed to prevent the emergence of developmental,behavioral and psychosocial problems.

Voluntary was added to the 2005 June version several times after pressure from the constituency, but that can change year by year. And one would have to note that this little ditty, for one, was kept in as a recommendation:

research the existing barriers that keep women from being screened during pregnancy and post birth of a child in Illinois”. -page 32

It defies logic that the NFC [note Goal 4 and the notation on TeenScreen ) and the federal grant seekers in IL state that they don’t want universal mental health screening when their original documentation states They WANT Universal Mental Health Screening.   (At a Fee-For-Service Initiatives Committee hearing in Springfield last month, I listened to the Dept of Public Aid spokesperson mention that all Illinois children that are in the Medicaid and DCFS systems are now screened for ‘mental health’.   The providers were “excited” about that in response to pointed questions from Representative Mary Flowers.

Why are Illinois citizens (or any of the other states caught in this 'pharmacracy ' snare) in the position where you need to tell your pediatrician or obstetrician that you do not want a mental health screening? What if he/she thinks homeschooling is wrong? And then you refuse a voluntary mental health screening? What’s wrong with you?  [I know nothing about this case except what is on that website, but the lists of drugs do not appear unusual in the prescribing scheme of things for young and old.]
Here’s another example regarding Aliah Gleeson. And then there’s the case of no parental notification in Chelsea Rhodes’s (15) taking the TeenScreen survey or being diagnosed (all at the school).  Now there’s a legitimate lawsuit if I’ve ever seen one.

What are the possibilities for homeschoolers when it was noted by an Ohio psychiatrist who plans on homeschooling that “It is no secret that some in our society (most especially those in the mental health field) are either suspicious of, or, in a number of cases, quite hostile to the idea of homeschooling.”  No secret, that’s for sure, when we hear to the most nauseating level about the “socialization” issue.  As I noted here ;” Maybe socialization has different meanings in different settings? Homeschooled children encounter diversity and socialize through volunteering, public library use, music lessons, playing neighborhood basketball in the driveway, spending time with grandparents, or traveling on their own schedule. True, it is not classroom socialization.

Here’s NHELD’s excellent Bulletin regarding this issue and how it affects homeschoolers.  HSLDA states it’s a public school issue.  I find that very short-sighted on their part.  Larry and Susan Kaseman also wrote a well researched article concerning Mental Health Screening.

Here’s what’s been in the offing of the IL legislature since May of 2005.  Sitting on Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg ‘s (senator@jschoenberg.org ) desk is HB 3031 and here’s the synopsis:

Replaces everything. Amends the Children’s Mental Health Act of 2003. Provides that any screening services provided under the Children’s Mental Health Plan must be voluntary and conducted with parental consent and in accordance with the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code. Effective immediately.

Who’s watching anyway?  Our legislators?  I hope so!  In all the correct, family driven ways to fix this awful mess called the Illinois Children's Mental Health Act.


HB 3031-To Be (Voluntary) or Not To Be — 2 Comments

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