Franklin/Williamson County ROE Supt Debate

Seems to me that with graduation rates and drop out rates being as they are,  they would find something better to do than spend SO much time worrying about the homeschooling population. If you figure around 1% of the entire school age  population might be homeschooling, why not concentrate on  public school issues? If the drop out numbers weren’t fiddled with, there are at least 4.2 % of Mr. Donkin -Democratic candidate’s clients in the Frankfort High School not being served well and dropping out of school.  But away we go with the oversight for all despite schools not doing their job of serving ALL of their clientele well. Seems like that’s an impossible job, but illogic says you should chase down homeschoolers too?

DONKIN: I think what’s happened here is the office trying to enforce state laws on truancy and those kinds of things — looking not for home-schoolers, but no-schoolers.

I appreciate the folks who home school their children, who have the setting set up, who do a good job trying to educate their children. I believe the concern has been, and the office has tried to address this, those that in the middle of the year just get mad and pull their kids out. I know dealing with truancy, because I deal with attendance in my daily job, we have people who are interested in their children’s education and are going about things in the right way.

If kids are being served well in the schools with taxpayer funded monies, the parents shouldn’t "just get mad and pull their kids out"?  We got mad and did just that with our now 20 year old and it worked for us.  Apparently it doesn’t work for Mr. Donkin. Interesting, ay?

And what is the "right way" for Mr. Donkin?  The right way for our family isn’t the right way for the next family.  That’s why we homeschool, Mister.

We also have people who are running the streets in the day time who have told people they are being home schooled. It’s kind of like the president said, “no child left behind” that’s not no public school child but no child. The other problem is of course, there are rules out there. People who are doing things the right way shouldn’t have to be bothered, but it’s because a few people mess things up that these laws come into effect.

What laws and what rules?  At least it was addressed by a local lawyer, Sharee Langenstein, concerning this:

Social workers, truant officers, and employees of the Regional Office of Education are bound by the search and seizure restraints of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and may not enter a home schooling family’s residence without a warrant or consent. Furthermore, nothing in Illinois law or administrative regulations requires home schooling parents to submit their curriculum for review by the ROE.

With all due respect to Mr. Garnati, I would urge him to more carefully review Illinois law governing home schooling. I would also urge all Southern Illinois home schooling families not to cooperate with ROE employees who call upon them seeking curricula review.

I really hope that they fix their problems with the law down there.  But I wonder if this is the mindset of too many people down there after reading comments to letters and such.  Conform, placate and bow down:

Let those who are trained to educate do their job

To the Editor:

As a teacher of children for 23 years and a trainer of teachers for 17, I have to respond to the article, "Home schoolers should be free from ROE meddling," on Saturday, Sept. 14.

In the first place, if the people who are home schooling their children are doing a good job and are following an appropriate curriculum, they certainly should not mind having an agency, which has been set up to protect the educating of children, look at the materials and curriculum that they are using. These parents expect their children to be accepted into public high schools, colleges and other activities, and should be willing to follow some standards, which have been set up to make sure they are ready for these transitions.

I have seen some really good home teaching situations and have seen some that are not up to teaching standards. All children deserve to have a good education in order to compete with those who have had the advantage of good teachers and appropriate curricula. Let’s let those who are really trained to know about educating children do their job. They certainly are not meddling.

Sue Whitlock, Carbondale

Personally, I don’t like what either one of these two candidates have to say about homeschooling.  As beautiful as that area is, I’m glad I don’t live there and I feel badly for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers down there. I wonder how underground they have to stay while the "right way" homeschoolers carry on.  Hope all the homeschooling groups down there are looking out for all homeschoolers.  It’ll cost in the long run if they aren’t.   It’ll cost us all.

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