Daytime Curfew’s Cup Runneth Over

Now what do truancy officers do since Illinois municipalities are chasing truants now with daytime curfew laws (and fines, of course)?  Oh, yeah, they’re chasing down homeschoolers.  Get out your pocketbooks, Illinois taxpayers!

I sent in a way long letter to the Rock River Times about the Rockford daytime curfew.  I assumed they’d reject it or tell me to knock it down in size.  Imagine my surprise in receiving a phone call from the editor asking if they could publish it as a guest column. 
Sidenote-Be inspired if you have to get it out of your system and write that letter of protest or information. Write it!

 Here’s the link to my long lette….guest column.

Following that, Mr. Donkin, the asst. Franklin Community High principal and ROE Superintendant candidate down south had this to say about people running the streets in the daytime.  That Wizard of Oz song- Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my- is running through my head at this time. 

We also have people who are running the streets in the day time who have told people they are being home schooled. It’s kind of like the president said, “no child left behind” that’s not no public school child but no child. The other problem is of course, there are rules out there. People who are doing things the right way shouldn’t have to be bothered, but it’s because a few people mess things up that these laws come into effect.

Smelled like daytime curfew to me. And yep, sure enough, after getting wind of daytime curfew success from a homeschooler down there, I see  the Franklin County truancy officer Angie Forby had her request granted for West Frankfort to do her job (and Mr. Donkin’s, for that matter).   Others besides the truancy officer are now responsible for chasing down kids out and about.  All kids. 

Where were the homeschoolers, as they are now guilty until proven innocent?   And north of here, from an article in Mundelein, which now has a new daytime curfew passed without an apparent word from homeschoolers protecting their rights?  This guy has it right and if homeschoolers won’t speak up, at least he did:

Daytime juvenile curfews have become quite common in many communities during the past few years, but some have stirred up dissent. Home-school parents and civil libertarians are concerned about preserving their child’s constitutional rights, and resent the broad assumption that any child on the streets during school hours is suspected of truancy.

In a recent study by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, co-author Dan Macallair said he found no evidence that such daytime curfews reduce the juvenile crime rate.

"Curfews are just another dead end," he maintains. He recommended that communities "look at prevention strategies that support kids rather than criminalize them."

Daytime Curfew Doesn’t Work

Legal Group may no longer have a problem……


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