Educational Freedom for Everyone

There’s a dream Why is it just a dream?  Because there is not educational (learning) freedom in this great country. Until compulsory attendance laws are gone, I doubt there will be.  Some Americans are disturbed that Swedish homeschooling families are losing … Continue reading

Follow the Money- Alaska’s new bill pushing home visits

This Alaskan bill synopsis was sent along to the Home Education Magazine Networking list: "An Act establishing in the Department of Education and Early Development a  voluntary parent education home visiting program for pre-elementary aged children; and establishing a rating … Continue reading

“Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?”

After decades and over $2 billion worth of failures in Kansas City, Missouri; a parent’s question brought to the forefront by many media outlets seems seriously legitimate to me.  "Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?" But maybe it was simply a threat … Continue reading