Conflicted Educators Homeschool

Fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to public and private schools wrapping their budgets and curriculum around the latest new thang – the federalized Common Core initiatives.  One New York principal understands the conflict, as schools are losing their own controls … Continue reading

Watching the Birds – Homegrown Science

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology appreciates homeschoolers. They cater to them, along with school educators. From the BirdSleuth website: Parents, welcome to BirdSleuth for Homeschool! Getting outside to explore the birds in your neighborhood is an inexpensive and fun way … Continue reading

Homeschool Athletes Get Attention from the Chicago Tribune

Homeschool athletes were spotlighted by the Chicago Tribune.  The big game is at the United Center tomorrow. Home-schoolers right at home at McDonald’s All-American Games By Paul Skrbina There isn’t much wiggle room in the wardrobe this week for Justin Jackson … Continue reading

Following the Spark – One More Reason to Homeschool

There are a few parents who turn away from labels stuck on their children by “experts”.  Some view their beloved kids through the lens of every day reality in their homes, and while out and about. They might not agree … Continue reading