Carnival of Homeschooling from the Land of Lincoln

Representative Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling from the Land of Lincoln

...somehow, I could read, write, and cipher to the Rule of Three; but that was all. I have not been to school since. The little advance I now have upon this store of education. I have picked up from time to time under the pressure of necessity.  A. Lincoln in a letter to Jesse Fell

8th Judicial Circuit

Our farm is located within Abraham Lincoln’s old stomping grounds as an attorney on the circuit.

There are many mementos and documents encased here and there from a man who loved books and wrote a thing or two about his thoughts, in addition to the legal documentation from his court cases.  A. Lincoln practiced unschooling as a child (non-voluntarily and thinking he "did not know much") and in pursuing various livelihoods.  Showcasing Mr. Lincoln and his links with this beloved land seemed appropriate with a few of the Carnival posts reflecting on the recent interest in unschooling from various media sources.  This Carnival has a few other goodies about homeschooling, as well.  So grab a cuppa and enjoy!

December (and the brrrr…prairie winter wind) is upon us.  (Just pretend if you’re in a warmer clime and try not to rub it in.)  Malissa’s Merry Go Round passes along her post Snowflakes, with links to an interesting, and educational snowflake site and an online snowflake maker game. Thoughts are also shared (from Wisconsin) on her love/hate relationship with snow.

The Lincoln Springfield home sitting room

The first Advent Sunday has passed in anticipation of the celebration of Christmas. The Imperfect Homeschooler reveals The Christmas Secret of how to get your Christmas shopping done when your kids are always home. 

From Mr. Lincoln’s birth state and continuing in the Christmas spirit, Sandy’s Blog notes in Singing in the Season that the children’s musical performances are one more reason she loves this time of year!  During Advent, Elena of My Domestic Church uses Bible story movies (TNT, in particular) to introduce the children to the Bible, the culture and the time period.  Check out Using bible movies during the first weeks of Advent.

In at home, on fire, Kristina had one of those teachable moments in “stuck” on verse 16 of Proverbs 21More Lessons Learned From Years of Homeschooling are noted in The Home School Life by Andrea Schwartz, who has some new words for the tune of "It’s the Hard Knock Life."  Rebecca of What Did You Do in School Today? posted about her daughter’s study of Norse myths and how it has helped with real life relationships.

And Laurie Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit is wondering Who Are You Listening To? as related to an article by Julie Austin.  Following that thought, Christine (The Thinking Mother), is pondering the idea of starting to give her children daily chores with all the little details that come with that decision.  Read her thoughts in On My Mind: Starting Daily Chores For My Children .

Lincoln Writing DeskMargaret of Two Kid Schoolhouse has some thoughts on watching her son’s transition from a reluctant writer to a semi-eager one in A Writing Breakthrough?

Lincoln Writing Desk
While here A. went to A.B.C. schools by littles….A. now thinks that the agregate of all his schooling did not amount to one year. He was never in a college or Academy as a student; and never inside of a college or accademy building till since he had a law-license. What he has in the way of education, he has picked up.
1860 autobiography written for campaign

Katherine of No fighting, no biting was not surprised  with the discovery
from a new Canadian study, that toddlers who play with blocks score higher on language tests. It’s duly noted in her post, blocks are better than baby einstein.  

Concerning an older crowd of kids, Patti of All Info About Home Schooling has an article called Scientifically Literate Teens about why scientific literacy is important…and how kids can be helped who don’t have the desire to learn higher math learn enough science to understand the world around them a bit better.

The President and son Thomas (Tad) - Feb, 1864Mama Squirrel from Dewey’s Treehouse presents Book Reviews, Part 6 with the coverage of 3 different homeschool related books.   

Adrienne of Homeschooling and Libraries posted about the Library Elf — a great way for heavy library users to keep track of their records.  Maureen asks Do You Need A Reading Partner?, which is posted at Trinity Prep School.

…After he was twenty three, and had separated from his father, he studied English grammar, imperfectly of course, but so as to speak and write as well as he now does. He studied and nearly mastered the Six-books of Euclid, since he was a member of Congress. 
1860 autobiography written for campaign

Mary Nix of Home Education Magazine Support Group News comments on the recent media attention being given to Unschooling and wonders how far we have really come in the minds of others?  Read her thoughts in How Do Others View Unschooling? And Alasandra is also wondering if we should be concerned about the unfavorable media attention concerning unschoolers. The possible effect is relayed in her post: First They Came For The Unschoolers.

He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.  Abraham Lincoln in speaking of an unnamed lawyer

Spunky at SpunkyHomeschool has been watching this unschooling focus unfold while wondering if there is an Unschooling Conspiracy taking place in the media.  She also notes how this trend affects all homeschoolers.  And take a look at EternaLearning Academy:Taz’s Clues refuting of Dr. Phil’s bias in Dr. Phil is a Dolt  ("or is he?"….)

Wheww…..let’s take a break from this important, but serious business and see what The Tutor from Apollos Academy advises in her post: Cowboy Calisthenics.  Crashing your child’s "Square Dancing for PE" class can be a great workout.  Feel better?!  Now here are some more brain workouts for us all…..

Following along the lines of how homeschoolers and representatives thereof might affect homeschoolers, Michelle of Texas Ed is concerned about Homeschoolers misinforming homeschoolers–and the public.

And the Deputy Headmistress from The Common Room has answers in her post, School Reform Heads Steadily in the Wrong Direction as to who said, "If we allow these people to raise their children any way they want to, they will not fit into the society we are building."  Following along with why many homeschool, Denise of Let’s Play Math! gives a disturbing peek at a modern math textbook with her post, Our Tax Dollars At Work.

Homeschooling in Germany is still a concern as noted in the blog, Home Where They Belong.

In Homeschool Press and Heather’s Holiday from the Sprittibee blog, Sprittibee shares a few encouraging articles about homeschooling ADD children and colleges recruiting homeschoolers. Plus, she shares about how she has gotten encouragement from others as well. 

Speaking of encouragement, Why Homeschool presents Dads – Part 5 as Janine continues her series in how fathers can help with homeschooling.  Phil, of A Family Runs Through It, explains that people’s assumptions were never right in his post, Why We Homeschool. They just wanted to do better for their son.

The same point is emphasized from a different angle in the post, YOU!? are homeschooling?  Lizzie shared reasons in her blog, A Dusty Frame, of why she chose to follow through on homeschooling plans even after her husband was incarcerated.

And Kelly, at Pass the Torch, recognizes the benefits in a real life "unschooling" activity, in her post Food Shelf Shoppers.   They have found the Christmas spirit!

I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.
Abraham Lincoln to one of his dearest friends

I hope you enjoyed your Carnival stop here in the Land of Lincoln.  Please stop by anytime and share your thoughts.

By the Light of the Fire

From Lloyd Ostendorf’s Abraham Lincoln: Boy to Man

Please let me know if there are any broken or misplaced links.  I’ve checked and double checked, but want to be sure all have proper acknowledgement.

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