Another Article about the Champaign Situation

And I found it in a funny roundabout way.  Mary had found this where I had not been past the News Gazette.  (From Pat’s experiences with the News Gazette, while on the school board, I’m happy to look at an alternative).

Marci Dodds, a city council member who voted against the school resource officers, has mixed feelings about the issue. She supports a strong police presence, but worries that just one policeman is not enough for such a complicated problem. She does not think a boycott would be an acceptable solution, however.

"I’m appalled (about the boycott)," Dodds said. "I think it’s terrible. It’s the adult equivalent of taking your ball and going home when you don’t get your way – except it’s far worse because of the impact it will have on the children."

Huh?  Shame on Ms. Dodds.  Isn’t she listening?  The impact is already as bad as it can be if she was hearing the parents considering action.   Where’s Sher Hampel when you need her?  (I think she used to be on the Champaign City Council. )

Homeschooling seems to be an easy pot shot for this council member and Supt. Culver. They should find a better argument. Their reasoning and logic (lack of) displaces the history that previous parental actions taken resulted in a federal civil rights suits being lost by the Champaign school district. 


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