Why Count Homeschooled or Private Schooled in Dropout Rates?

I know that school districts illicitly use homeschooling to NOT report their dropout rates accurately.  I’ve seen dropouts who had no intention of homeschooling reported as "home-schooled" in school documentation. 

But I don’t think I’d seen this particular quote as an ‘out there’ acknowledgment from a public school administrator planning on keeping his job.   Bureaucrats use bureaucracy very efficiently for their purposes; especially if it can be pegged on a tiny minority like homeschoolers.  See what’s happening in Connecticut if that’s hard to believe; as shown in links below:

Search Consent of the Governed under "dcf" to find more information

Connecticut Protest Today

 From the Longview News-Journal and the article Remodeling Study [Thursday, June 28, 2007], Longview Superintendent Wilcox went this direction at the Longview Lions Club:

He addressed other issues, including school discipline, home schooling and a question about where the district ranks nationally in terms of dropout rates.

"We are not really able to say where we rank nationally, because every state calculates their dropout rates differently," he said.

Students who are home-schooled or in private school are not counted as having dropped out in Texas, Wilcox said, but some states do count such students as dropouts.

Encouragement to homeschool calls for federal civil rights lawsuit

Absent 10 days=Homeschooled: Go figure

Trib Says Work On the Shaky Ground First

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