Whooping and Crowing

It’s nice to have whooping that makes sense. The Crowing came from one of our 3 month old Austrolorp roosters this morning. 
It’s one of my childhood dreams come true to hear a Cock a Doodle Doo.  (Princess costumes generally didn’t do the trick for me as a kid.) 

Photo Courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Whooping Cranes Courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife ServicesGreat news for central Illinoisans.  The Cranes are Coming! Whooping Cranes left our northern neighbor state, (Necedah National Wildlife Refuge), and are heading down our way….eventually.  There has been a wind heading north along with rain that has stopped them in Winnebago County the last few days.  Thank goodness, because I forgot about them flying close by our cloud space on their migration path with the ultralight.  After feeding the chickens this morning and feeling a colder wind, I would think some migration travel is favored today.
Operation Migration provides a field journal.
One of our favorite science links and resources has updates:

Follow the Fall 2008 Migration-Journey North

There’s no Bait and Switch involved with the above effort, but in DC; greed and politics of the worst kind reigns.  I’d be pleased to not see one more picture of the ‘esteemed Senator Christopher Dodds‘ and his happy face.  Speaking of that, the number of presidential candidates popping Viagra with trophy wives and toddlers was astonishing.  We must be privileged to have our taxes paying for their ‘health care’. 

We listened to Dennis Kucinich’s Subcommittee question the fella in charge of this Great and Terrible Bailout. Treasury Interim Asst. Sec. Neel Kashkari is a University of IL graduate, but this is one sorry story. (To my real Big Brother, he was an aerospace engineer.)  Why is our 401K declining at a rapid pace?  I think I can thank the government for that.  Insane.
Kucinich, Republican Rep. Issa, my Rep. Tim Johnson and a few others voted against this bailout.  The ones who did vote for it are the "chumps" and taxpayers are the final chumpsters. 

‘Nuf rambling.  I need to hop in the shower, get ready for a violin recital and see if we should be looking up today for those cranes. 


Whooping and Crowing — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! Real live Whoopers there in Illinois?

    We get a few among the Sandhills here at Bosque del Apache. In fact, the Festival of the Cranes is going on there now.
    They fly down the Rio Grande Flyway. In past years, I have seen them coming south about this time of the year. But now we live on the wrong side of the mountains . . .

    As for the rest . . .well, what is there to say? I guess the best we ordinary citizens can do is get ready. It’s going to be a wild ride.

  2. Very slow traveling for these birds. Here’s a Bloomington Pantagraph blurb about the flight and Illinois path.
    A fleet of four ultralight aircraft and a small Cessna airplane are leading 14 whooping cranes from their fledging ground at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin to wintering grounds at the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.
    In previous years, Operation Migration has turned eastward near the Illinois River and traveled south over Indiana, missing The Pantagraph area. But the 2008 route will travel north to south across Illinois with planned stops in Winnebago, LaSalle, Livingston, Piatt, Cumberland and Wayne counties. The path is as direct as weather permits, so a flyover of a portion of McLean County is expected.

    http://pantagraph.com/articles/2008/10/27/go/doc48f913fb3cab6687070058 .prt

    McLean and Piatt counties adjoining us makes me hopeful that we’ll be able to see them.

    I just ran into an interesting article about spotting a wild whooping crane on one of our favorite beaches (in IL); the IL Beach State Park.

  3. Chickens! What more can be said……

    I hope at least they’re tasty.

    Don’t know why an engineer is needed – let ’em fail, these companies are in the positions they’re in because of incompetence. That’s not going to be fixed by giving them my money.

  4. No, brother dear, it won’t be fixed by giving them our money. But our money will be given to them by our brave, new Representatives.

    The government has such a fine record of ‘fixing’ things.

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