We Don’t Need Any More Stinkin’ Studies

This was from a 2002 paper, but it irritates me enough that I’ll blog it anyway.  Especially after the uterine hydrophone study that concluded that: Hey, babies are calmed by their mom.  DUH, along with wondering what are they planning on doing about it?

I know people have to make a living and some make a living studying or trying to study homeschoolers.  The data is pretty appalling laid out as a factual tool.  (But it works in a pinch as a nice little sound bite for whoever’s agenda. ) It’s sure not my agenda.

NewsComm addressed those pesky invisible kids.  And I’ve already put in my 2 cents about Illinois homeschoolers not being a realistic sampling of anything statistic-wise for those looking through public records to find private school records.

So what is Ms. Nemer and others like her concerned about in her study of the "understudied"?  If you’re just going off of her title, she’s looking to build up some homeschooling research.  And you do that with information from homeschoolers.  But more importantly, you do that for what reason?  You have to wonder.


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