UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled Senate Debate and Vote Today

There is a Senate discussion on the floor now regarding a vote for the United Nations Treaty on Equal Rights for the Disabled.

 Homeschooling concerns been brought up by Senators numerous times this morning.

In 2009, Larry and Susan Kaseman argued against treaty ratification here in the Home Education Magazine Taking Charge column. This article below is specifically about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, but the argument of United States sovereign powers and parental oversight remain: :

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Cause for Concern but Not Panic

If ratification of the convention becomes an issue, we will be better prepared to oppose it if we view it as part of larger issues and are aware of the factors that limit the changes the convention by itself would bring. Until it becomes an issue (if it ever does), we can strengthen our position on important issues by understanding and exercising our rights and responsibilities as families and working to prevent professionals and experts from taking over the roles of parents.

It is scheduled to be voted on today at noon eastern time.  Senate contact information is here.

Update – This treaty ratification did not pass, as the vote require a 2/3 majority per Article 2-Section 2 of the Constitution.  The vote was 61-38.

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