Tunnel Vision

Home schooling parents get ready for new school year

That seems like an innocuous title.  It's without regard for year-round home educators, but Quincy area's KHQA header and article would still seem harmless in a traditional frame of society's mind.  

But that "homeschool" word always seems to bring out the opinionators that believe in public school to the tunnel vision level.  We homeschoolers offend them.  

They always show up in comments and they always 'know someone who doesn't homeschool right'.  Sometimes, other homeschoolers know someone who doesn't homeschool right. Those homeschoolers make sure all know they homeschool correctly though.

It's all relative, isn't it?

What is the percentage of public school kids compared to homeschooled kids who can't read, don't know basic math and will have to catch up to find their place in life as adults because of their education choice?

Public school devotees present a tiresome argument against homeschooling.  I don't like defending my family's education choices against my neighbors'.  That corner we get backed into by those with real power to change our lifestyle is no place I chose to be in my community.  But I'll vehemently fight to protect that lifestyle for our family and others.  

Check out the Illinois Homeschool PAC FB page.  


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