There is a new blog in town and it’s a good one.  Mary Nix started up The Informed Parent recently.  She has homeschool news along with great resources. (Check out our more local brag with Wolfram Research educational links AND the University of IL Beckman Institute’s BugScope.) 

Mary provided another very informative podcast interview with Debbie Schwarzer, homeschool mom, attorney and HomeSchool Association of California Legal Team Co-chair.   Fascinating information about the background goings on to keep this Rachel L case [pdf] from affecting California homeschoolers in a detrimental manner.  Mary had a previous interview with Debbie in March of this year at Home Education Magazine’s Closer Look:

Is it time for California homeschoolers to panic?

June 23rd is the set date for the re-hearing.  Is it time for CA homeschoolers to panic?  Apparently not, as Debbie noted in the interview  that a re-hearing and vacating a prior court decision in this manner is very unusual.  The California homeschool community is strong and united with much support from various representatives including the Attny. General Jerry Brown and the Governator.  We can hope for the same in Illinois, but from observing our current governor, I would say that education….any sort of education…doesn’t seem to be rolling around in his brain at this time. 

Speaking of pay to play…politics, a 13 year old homeschooler might be very disappointed with the results of the Democratic presidential candidate results.  Ann Riddle, (Sparky) worked hard as a Clinton volunteer.  From the Plainfield Dealer in Mary Nix’s neck of the Ohio woods, here’s a motivating story:

Mayfield Heights teen Ann "Sparky" Riddle mentioned in Hillary Clinton speech

Sparky stepped up and soon the teen was working 12-hour days plotting courses for hundreds of volunteers to knock on thousands of doors in northern Ohio.  Sparky and her mom spent 12 days campaigning in Pennsylvania and six more in Indiana. Clinton won both states.

I’m no Clinton fan, except to admire their chutzpah, but ya gotta respect their supporters’ passion.  The Riddle family gave up a Walt Disney trip for this campaign work.  Time and effort should be just as important as financial contributions.  I’m thrilled that Sparky was acknowledged in the concession speech. 

More information on the CA homeschool situation:

Preparations for countering California decision:looking good for homeschoolers

Interview with Homeschool Counsel on California Homeschool Situation– Illinois Review


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