The Big S word

HEM’s News and Commentary wrote up a piece about Dillon Cossey.  Valerie’s thoughts and research on the news coverage of this issue displays the ‘sell’ of a story.  "Home Schooled" was all over this particular story.  But little or no accounting (or accountability) was made about the bullying this boy endured that forced him out of the school. 

Which brings me to a great article I just read in the Home Educator’s Family Times Newsletter. 

Homeschooling and Socialization: No Thank You, We Don’t Believe in Socialization

Lisa Russell made some very good points about the realities of social/emotional concerns per public school training.  Her  perspective concerning a spontaneous visit with a willing teacher on an art gallery trip occurs often with our family .  If the occasion arises, we often have that time to stop and talk with very interesting people. 
Unfortunately, as she did, we also see the school field trips and straight lines with no talking allowed . The tiresome work sheets to be filled in during the gallery/museum visit are also observed by our family. Kids are so busy filling in the blanks to prove to the teacher that they saw that particular exhibit that they’re not able to really appreciate the exhibits.  The social aspects of kids who are also let loose from the schools in small groups (with a chaperone) have also been noted.  (We try very hard to go to museums and such after the school kids have to head back on the bus.)
 It’s a common joke in our homeschool community that we do not know how to line up.  When we’ve attended events together, the best description I can come up with is that we flow towards the ticket taker. Courteously and with no disorder, but definitely NOT lined up.  It works.
After I spoke last weekend at the Ohio gathering, one mom came up to me with her thoughts.  I had talked a good deal about the bottom line of funding with many of the family/parental watch issues such as the push for universal preschool and mental health screening.  She said that these agendas are also pushed by society and in her case, her particular community.  The high standardized test scores were trumpeted and parents were seeking preschools for the children.  The sooner, the better. 

She was right.  Legislators are reflecting the communities’ wants and mindset.   That mindset as relating to families and their well being seems cockeyed and illogical to me.


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