Teaching Mom a School Lesson

With a weekend in jail for convicted single mom Kim Harris.  (3 younger children at home AND she is at risk of losing her job with this time spent in jail from Saturday evening to Monday evening). 

The Marion Daily Republican doesn’t have quite the same gotcha [those rascally homeschoolers] quotes.  It’s changed a bit to Ms. Harris "claimed to be a homeschooling her son".

Although there are no stringent guidelines for home-schooled students, the Regional Office of Education does have the authority to do home checks and monitor home-schooled children.

That’s the second time I’ve seen home checks as authorized under the ROE.  Guess there should be a clear message about their real authority. 

Two articles below; from The Southern and then the Marion Daily Republican:

Marion woman to spend weekend in jail for allowing son’s truancy

Marion woman sentenced to weekend in jail for permitting son’s truancy

Comments allowed on both.  More about this one later.


Teaching Mom a School Lesson — 2 Comments

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