Virginia Senators Turn Down Roomful of Hopeful Kids

There have been many times I've been in our Springfield Capitol building where kids are roaming the expansive, marble-filled hallways and gathering for a rally under the rotunda.  Adults and teens bused (not always the big, yellow one) to support … Continue reading

Homeschool Leader Moving On to Greener Pastures

Cross-posted on Home Education Magazine News & Commentary Homeschoolers tend to have much in common that few understand.  The joy and rhythm of days living and learning at home with your children is hard to explain to many.  So, it’s … Continue reading

Homeschoolers’ Information Gap is NOT a Home Education Problem

"So home-schooling grows with the same surprising speed and volume as charter schools. Our debate about charters is rooted in some useful data. By contrast, we still don’t know much about home-schooling. Nor does there seem to be much effort … Continue reading