A Strange Twist – Expelled from Public School for Homeschooling

An Oklahoma parent (Noddy) posted a Daily Kos article stating in the first sentence she was a “secret homeschooler”.  That seemed odd to me in that particular state. Oklahoma has private school laws similar to Illinois, maybe even better.  Minimal language is … Continue reading

Watching Some Bills – Ed Reform in Illinois

Several of us involved with the Illinois Homeschool PAC have been noting some legislation making its way through the Capitol.  As the custom goes in Illinois, the backroom deals are where you want the glass against the wall listening in. … Continue reading

Daytime Curfews Persist in Illinois

The Carlinville City Council is considering a daytime curfew and they're meeting tonight to discuss it.  Terri Koyne is a Macoupin County homeschooler and activist. She has a few things to say about this  daytime curfew issue in her area. … Continue reading