Tunnel Vision

Home schooling parents get ready for new school year That seems like an innocuous title.  It's without regard for year-round home educators, but Quincy area's KHQA header and article would still seem harmless in a traditional frame of society's mind.   … Continue reading

Carnival of Homeschooling – Passages

2011 will be our family's last full year of homeschooling. Our youngest have steadily moved into their own educational goals and motivations.  Their plan was always implanted with great fun such as zoo adventures, jamming with friends and traveling.  Definitely … Continue reading

Comfort Level

  Interesting discovery from the Enertia Home Kit people concerning their clients who want a sustainable home: A surprising number of homeowners were home schooling; all of these among our clients who were either contracting the home themselves, or actually building … Continue reading


One of the benefits of homeschooling is not contending with school bullying.  Not to say that bullying doesn't exist elsewhere.  It does.  But school bullying is a legislated and policy wonk expectation that is brutal and tragic.  Anyone who is 'different'  is … Continue reading