John Holt Book

A free John Holt book Escape From Childhood: The Needs And Rights Of Children is available for download on Pat Farenga's site. This Kindle book is only available until midnight tonight. An excerpt: No human right, except the right to life itself, is … Continue reading

Tunnel Vision

Home schooling parents get ready for new school year That seems like an innocuous title.  It's without regard for year-round home educators, but Quincy area's KHQA header and article would still seem harmless in a traditional frame of society's mind.   … Continue reading

Comfort Level

  Interesting discovery from the Enertia Home Kit people concerning their clients who want a sustainable home: A surprising number of homeowners were home schooling; all of these among our clients who were either contracting the home themselves, or actually building … Continue reading

Movie Time at the Carnival of Homeschooling

This week, it's movie review at the Carnival of Homeschooling – Top 10 Film Edition over at Homeschool Dad's blog.  Check it out. I shared one of my favorite movies and that is To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck.  Justice was done … Continue reading