Homeschool Teens Don’t Have Sleep Problems Schooled Teens Endure

National Jewish Health posted a press release on their latest sleep study.  Maybe the school powers-that-be will pay attention. Study: Homeschool Students Sleep Better Research supports later start times for high school The Press Release says: DENVER, CO – March 6, 2013 — In the … Continue reading

Education Innovator Seeks Homeschooling Answers

Open minded and seeking answers, Jessica Smock, a Boston University doctoral candidate in education policy. has been discussing and learning about homeschooling since she posted her mid-January blog question: 10 Thoughts about Homeschooling by an Educator (And Why I’m Still Worried) Please … Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Education Box

That box consisting of an institutional classroom with desks and chairs facing forward towards 'the boss' is becoming obsolete.  Let's not forget growing use and apparent need for the Resource Officers in the current sad school climate. Thank goodness there are … Continue reading

Another Summit on Education via NBC

The TV network NBC sponsored another "Education Nation" — "a three-day summit aimed at improving education in the U.S".  I don't think too much has happened with public schools in the 3 years NBC has done this, except the lip service politicians offer.   They … Continue reading