Nebraska Supreme Court Ruling Favors Homeschooling Family

Reports of a significant ruling on Nebraska homeschools and their educational calendar schedule are out.  Eric and Gail Thacker were charged and convicted of violating the compulsory attendance statute in County Court.  Upon appeal,  the decision was reversed by a Dawson … Continue reading

Illinois Compulsory Attendance Age Lowered to 6 Years of Age

Memorial Day seems like a strange time to pass important legislation.  Unless you’re in Illinois.  After much debate and opposition from the minority party, the Illinois House passed Senate Bill 1307 calling for  compulsory attendance age to be reduced to 6 years of age. … Continue reading

Compulsory Attendance Age Lowering is Back

So is Senator K Lightford and her SB 1307. One lesson I’ve had to learn again and again in Illinois is logic and accountability are low on many legislators’ list. That’s why our governors are usually highlighted on comedy shows … Continue reading