With Friends Like This

A few public school and homeschooling parents are trying to start up a virtual charter in Maine. But these comments below have also been heard in Illinois. Not being “trained teachers” has worked out well for many homeschoolers over the … Continue reading

Chicago Teachers Union Leadership

The problem with many schools are people like Karen Lewis and her leadership. A former Illinois state senator and Senate Education Chair went further and described it in more shocking terms.  From Chicago News in 2009 before Lewis’ Chicago Teachers Union realm: “The … Continue reading

Public Virtual School Act Bill Includes “Home school” Language

There is a new Virtual School Act bill heading to the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. I suspect it won't pass out of Committee because of the teacher unions.  But who knows in the sillyland of Illinois politics.   It's an attractive idea … Continue reading

The Right Thing to Do for Children

 The Daily Beast rolled out a Dana Goldstein piece called: The Tea Party's War on Schools or How the Tea Party Will Destroy Education Reform.  Starts out like this: As Obama seeks to tighten federal control over local schools and boost accountability, … Continue reading