Speeches and other miscellaneous performances


Our kids have officially taken on speeches.  They do 2 demonstrations or talks every 4-H year about one of their projects.  That’s a requirement to complete a successful year.  These 2  have always amazed me with their self composure at times like this.  (When I was in 4-H, I shook and vibrated through those horrid 5 minutes or so of giving a 4-H demonstration.)

These guys just attack it and critique their performance later in a productive way where we don’t need to say a word except; Good Job, Guys!  

The boys have good friends that were in a speech club.  I didn’t think that was going to be a great sell with them, but I was wrong.  Last month, we watched their friends give their 2-5 minute speeches about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and other various subjects.  

They came up to me after the speeches were over and begged me to let them do it.  I had to really think it over, I’m telling ya.  For about 1/2 second and then just be amazed at the glories of homeschooling.  

The other day they gave their speeches.  One decided on Jupiter’s moon Io and the other was on the largest rodent, capybara.  (The capybara influence came from watching The Life of Birds with the bird perching on the capybara’s back.  The Io thing; I suspect came from their older brother’s fascination with our sky.)  I easily got drawn into the Io mystique, but rodents just gross me out.  (It’s the long ago memories of mice scrambling out of the corn crib when the corn was taken out to feed the cattle.  Hate ’em.)  Plus the scent gland with white secretions oozing from the top of the male’s nose wasn’t exactly appealing either.  Gross and I’m glad I’ll never turn the corner and run into one of those!

Watching this baker’s dozen of kids was a delight.  They were all of various ages from 3 or 4-ish to 12 or so.  The youngest gave her speech on her mom’s lap with her help.  It was a fantastic presentation while being in front of a group of friends and family during that first initiation of a public performance.  And the older kids were VERY interested in their topics, as well. 

Our youngest (by one minute) was asked by me if he was ready (mentally) for his speech. "Oh, yeah!  I can’t wait!” he said.  His excitement about filling everyone in on the glories of Io was overwhelmingly fun.   I know it seems so corny and impossible, but getting them educated this way is so darn easy. (I do wish I could find the key for them to like writing, but calculate that will appear sooner or later, when necessary.)

I’m telling ya, I LOVE homeschooling! 

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