Science Observation Opportunities for Kids and Other Interested Parties

Journey North Symbolic Migration ProjectIt just occurred to me that after the time I spent putting together online science resources for the grade school kids to take home, I should also put it on Corn and Oil too.  Seems like a no-brainer.

This was the second year I put together a half hour long Earth Day session at our local grade school for 5 classes.  Talking to the second and third grade classes – including some of my 4-H girls – was great fun last week.  They love to share their stories and ask great questions.  We talked about the Decorah Eagle nests, astronomy and NASA, when buds pop out on trees, if anyone has seen a Monarch yet and all sorts of fun observations around our little world.  I brought in Ani-Mae, our Grand Champion Japanese Bantam hen, who was outraged but still in good form.  I showed them the variety of chicken eggs we have, including Ani-Mae's little white egg.  

I hope they have me back again next year.  That's the one thing I miss about our kids not being in school and that's not seeing all the community kids in one spot like that.

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Science Observation Opportunities for Kids and Other Interested Parties — 2 Comments

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