Schools Should be for Tinkering

I love it when parents set their kids free because they know what works best for them to learn.  Sometimes it involves wrestling, standing on your head or doodling while you listen to a story.  Whatever works often does not involve sitting at a desk.  (Frankly, one of the reasons we left The School was the lack of wriggle room)

The Indianapolis Star has an article about a family in a school holding pattern who are using their time well. Daddy's Danger School for Boys works for two boys.  Apparently this point was reached for the Rhys family because a charter school possessing overwhelming parental approval was closed down by the mayor this summer leaving many families in limbo.  Low test scores were one reason given for closing, which seems unfortunate to me – a mom with two always homeschooled boys attending a fantastic university despite the lack of "good test scores".  

The Rhys family was left in a situation where some school choices were this possibility: "Lee said that at the first school they took Devon to, they were told he couldn't be taught."  That diagnosis leaves me speechless.

The parents went on a search with the following criteria that seems quite reasonable:

Cassie said the four most important criteria in choosing a school were: strong academics, curriculum (preferably a project-based one), good teachers and parental involvement.

Not on that list? Test scores — the reason the mayor cited for closing The Project School.

"We're not saying test scores aren't important," Cassie said. "They just shouldn't be the only factor of success."

They're on a waiting list for another charter school and it appears they are homeschooling in the meantime.  Lee Rhys, Danger Papa, created their Danger School and documents the Battle Rhythm on his blog.  Sounds like great fun for two energetic boys and a daddy that thinks outside the box.  

The Rhys family's 'dangerous' adventures reminds me of Gever Tulley and his Ted Talk –  5 dangerous things you should let your kids do.  Gever Tulley mentions his Tinkering School. This seems right down the alley from the Rhys home and their Daddy's Danger School for Boys.

Speaking of homes and learning makeovers, the MomSchool is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling this week.  Go check it out!  


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