School Board Meeting Attendance

Shouldn’t revolve around whether your kids are in the public school or not.

Hope this was a misquote or misrepresentation since he and his group should gather up all information from all sources:

Prenzler said Citizens for Accountable Schools consists of 10 to 12 members. Although he lives in the district, his children are home-schooled, he said, and he does not attend school board meetings.

 He’s likely dead on about his concerns below, but  he shouldn’t make himself such an easy target. 

"Our judgment is that taxpayers should vote ‘no’ and reject District 7’s most recent referendum," Prenzler said. "We suspect Proposition S is not about the needs of children, but about the needs of real estate developers."

Homeschoolers could be doing themselves more favors if they watched and participated in what was happening in their community.   It is their problem (or hopefully not) too, for a myriad of reasons.  A lot of homeschoolers  (probably the majority) are active in their community goings on.  When it comes to taxes and good use of those monies, it usually is their problem too.  Problem being the key word. 

Good fortune with this and your group, Mr. Prenzler, if your assumptions about the Belleville school district’s motives are correct.  It certainly wouldn’t be unusual.


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