School as a haven?

Neighbor William Deaton's 10-year-old niece attended Shearer Elementary in Winchester last year with Michaela. He said Michaela told his niece that "her dad was being mean to her and beating her up."
Deaton said his niece told teachers and a guidance counselor about what Michaela had said. He did not know what came of it.

As I suspected, because people (children, in particular) being beaten, aren't very easy secrets to be kept. 

The above quote was from and here is yesterday's article:  Michaela's '10 years of hell'.  I can't seem to let this loose and part of the reason is we're familiar with that area.  Red River Gorge (where it was reported that Michaela had her last outing) is where Pat and I spent our honeymoon.  It is a naturally beautiful and wondrous area.   At least Michaela had something beautiful to look at; which of course, had nothing to do with the people that surrounded her.

I've always wondered what an "overachiever" is and I'm really curious what it means to Principal Sigmon, as a criticism of Michaela.  How do you overachieve anyway? 

But Shearer Principal Ed Sigmon said there were "no signs that raised any red flags with us." Sigmon described Michaela as "an overachiever" who was sweet and loving.

And the spin continues:

There is no way to know how many times social services visited the Watkinses. Officials with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services declined to release information about Michaela because of the police investigation and to protect the confidentiality of her three siblings, who have been placed in foster care. The cabinet has launched an investigation.

Winchester police visited the home twice after Michaela was taken out of this "school was her refuge" environment.  When school is a refuge, then yes, there are most definitely serious problems in the family.  As 'school' is definitely not the solution.  What more could a most vehement government nanny proponent want than  "social workers[who] monitored the situation".  How much oversight can you have over a home and a family?  And still not admit the failure of 'the system'.

Child Services, public schools, governmental agencies let children slip through cracks.  Michaela was handed over to people who were documented (and convicted) as beating each other. Their easy punching bag was a 10 year old innocent named Michaela. 

Angels contented with their face in heaven,
Seek not the praise of men. –
John Milton

Governmental agencies gone amuck

And I see that Dana of Principled Discovery has started a wonderful theme for a Carnival called the Carnival of Principled Government.  Brava!

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