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First of all, don’t forget to read up on homeschooling family goings on this week at the Carnival of Homeschooling at the Common Room.

Linda Dobson’s new blog Parent at the Helm asks:  "How can homeschooling critics talk with a straight face about “missed socialization” as a major drawback to homeschooling?"  The Mackinac Center for Public Policy report was noted- also mentioned in the previous Corn and Oil post.  I ran into another article that interviewed a long-time MI homeschooling family who had that ‘knock on the door’ from Social Services 15 years ago.  Lots of pressure from power mongers about more restrictive MI homeschool regs.

It’s a automatic assumption from many that socialization is a homeschooling negative.  These Georgia sisters seems to be properly socialized (and with a sense of humor).  My kids wouldn’t have been exposed to a Korean culture via their TaeKwonDo mentor(s).  They wouldn’t have attended their TKD master’s beloved mother’s touching Korean funeral. They learned a bit of Korean history about the Japanese occupation tribulations when you’re a young widow (as she was) with several children. My husband just mentioned a new book he heard discussed on Tavis Smiley last night. The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley, explains Teddy Roosevelt’s interventions into the Japanese "ascension", while assuming China was in "descension".   Interesting looking at the stream of events since, while pondering the US descension with the borrow and spend attitude.  (One other tidbit Pat passed on was the Delano money was made via opium trade.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was mostly living on drug dealing money.) 


Continuing with that socializing thing, the boys would not have attended a friend’s Bat Mitzvah, whom they met at Space Camp.  Their leadership opportunities would have been less available via 4-H and music conferences, and with the volunteer time expended via their Jr. Zookeeping program. 

Our family built up from our homeschooling adventures.  That is our base, and the kids can venture out from there, without the powerful middle man of a school. We certainly wouldn’t have 2 banjos, 1 mandolin, 1 cello and 1 violin (also standing in as a fiddle at times,, make that 5 guitars as part of our family home decor.  Those instruments don’t stand alone, as the kids have met many talented and inspiring kids and adults through their musical adventures.  We’ve been able to take full advantage of 2 university towns and their cultural treats, rather than waiting for the kids to possibly attend one of those universities.  We live 3 miles outside a farm town that has a school music director who couldn’t find a way to fit those 2 boys into a community band. 

Oh, well. 

Didn’t mean to go on about that, but it’s a good update of what we’ve been doing.

We love watching the British Parliment go at the Prime Minister(s) on C-Span.  It was thrilling to watch our British homeschooling friends petition opposing the Badman agenda against home education freedoms.  I would hope the Conservative Party were not the only representatives presenting the record setting petitions, but that’s all I see so far.  BlogDial has more on the issue too. 

From Education Otherwise and there are 3 other videos protesting the "turning away from parents and giving to the State"  :

Home educators broke all records on 8th December 2009 with a mass presentation by MPs of a parliamentary petition against the Badman proposals and the Government’s intention to legislate on the basis of the Report’s recommendations.


We have our first stickin’ snow today.  We have a tree to decorate, places to go and people to see.  I’m in the Christmas spirit after putting up the Nativity scene on our mantle yesterday.  I see a wonderful future ahead for homeschooling, because we don’t mind a good fight when need be.

Grad popping snow


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  1. Hi Elisabeth, Thanks for posting your link (thoughts). I appreciate what you described, and have seen the same here. Love the photos of your boys and am glad you stopped by.

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