Political Activism and Homeschooling

I post some on the Illinois Review. I should do more posts there, but my angle generally revolves around homeschooling, and I don’t want to wear folks out going on about my home education passions.  At the same time, I’ve found that homeschoolers have many non-homeschooling allies with the IR crowd, as they appreciate the idea of autonomy and educational freedoms.  Plus the Illinois Review editor, Fran Eaton, homeschooled her kids well before it was ‘cool’ to homeschool.  Maintaining our homeschool freedoms is near and dear to her heart for her grandchildren’s sake,  among other limited government reasons.

While looking at old research for our current Regional Office of Education accountability project, I ran into some old IR comments again.  They’re informative, and I want to elaborate a bit from my point of view.  This one below is from March.  I’ll get to others in a different post.

This post linked below was related to a bill sponsored by the chair of the Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee, Representative Chapa-LaVia.  The comment addressed the problems we have in the Illinois homeschool community regarding priorities.

Lobbying to Be Left Alone comment:

Just received word the other day through HSLDA that Mt. Vernon, Illinois passed a daytime curfew law. I know that there were other towns down that way that were trying to do the same. Southern Illinois homeschoolers had better wake up. 

I’m going to drift away from Chapa-LaVia and her unsettling issues concerning homeschooling.  Instead, in the overlap within the Illinois homeschool venn diagram, I want to point out again…that the Regional Offices of Education are systematically pushing for daytime curfews in Illinois communities to rein in homeschoolers.  It’s all over the state, but quite a few southern Illinois communities in a couple of Regional Offices of Education areas with anti-homeschool agendas have passed curfews in the last few months. 

Plus I want to note that Terri Koyne posted that comment and definitely gained my interest for several reasons.  She’s the Macoupin County Republican Chairman.  Terri Koyne homeschools, and she’s a political activist helping run the Sam McCann campaign for state senator.  Koyne’s two passions -homeschooling her children and political campaigns – often go hand in hand because as Wisconsin homeschoolers Larry and Susan Kaseman acknowledge: "Homeschooling is unavoidably political".

Senator Deanna Demuzio is an incumbent running against McCann.  She’s on the Senate Education Committee,  and Demuzio was a  "education curriculum planner".  (I don’t know what that job is, but assume it means oodles of money as a public school consultant?)  She served on the Carlinville Public Education Foundation Board as president, which of course, is affiliated with the Carlinville public school district.  The Carlinville school board proposed this Resolution be passed by the Illinois Association of School Boards:

"that the Illinois Association of School Boards shall recommend that all home school students be required to take the same assessment tests as those required for public school students"

It didn’t pass, and there are more details here:  Kudos to the IL Association of School Boards.  We do know that Senator Demuzio’s open secret is, she wants homeschoolers accountable to the state.  There doesn’t appear to be any good reason for that. 

Seems like it would be helpful to vote out Deanna Demuzio. 

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
– Notebook of Samuel Clemons, 1904


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