Paul Ryan on Homeschooling

Listen in to the Paul Ryan Town Hall campaign rally starting at 20.40.  The rest is likely useful too, but for this particular homeschool lifestyle (and any other lovers of educational freedom), I liked the question and the answer.  

The query is from a homeschooler.

"I get to homeschool my children and I'm very thankful.  What is your position on homeschooling and will it continue?”

Congressman Paul Ryan:

“Absolutely, we have friends who do a lot of homeschooling. In Wisconsin it is very well known, it's very well used. You know what, we believe in freedom. And if you believe the best way to raise your children is to homeschool your children, then God bless you, and in a free society you ought to be able to do just that. Absolutely."

Wisconsin has a wonderful homeschool organization in the Wisconsin Parents Association.  They are a generous group too.  Check out the WPA Kitchen Tables and Marble Halls booklet.  It is a treasure and part of the description says it all regarding homeschoolers and their adamance in keeping their freedoms:

Kitchen Tables and Marble Halls is the exciting story of ordinary parents accomplishing extraordinary victories for their families and for posterity against great odds. It is a story of how committed people have risen above individual differences in areas as fundamental as curriculum, politics, religion, and philosophy to form a grassroots organization that safeguards the right of parents to homeschool according to their principles and beliefs.

Kitchen Tables and Marble Halls is also a call for homeschoolers to understand their history, including the courage, sacrifice, and principles that undergird it. This booklet offers new and experienced homeschoolers a chance not merely to marvel at what has been accomplished and have a vicarious or nostalgic experience of that history, but also to gain or renew our commitment to what will be required of us for this story to continue and for this history not to have been lived in vain.

Freedom isn't free.

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