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I loved that title:  Home School Out On The Town in Vancouver's Oak Bay News.  The article's description of the homeschoolers' Samurai activities made me smile:

Seven students stand at the front doors of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s samurai exhibit. They’re dressed in matching black kimonos with different coloured sashes.
“Tell me what you know about samurai,” the gallery’s guide asks the group. “That could take a while,” replies Dylan Clark. He’s 12 years old and helped pick the ancient theme, which this group of home-schooled students will study for the term, through a vote with the others in the group.

Those adventures suck in kids' imagination and curiosity and don't let them loose until they're exhausted from all that learning and move along to some new interest.  It very well could take a while, just as young Mr. Clark said.G

I've always loved that gift of time.  We did Roman, Trojan, Grecian wars and Odyssey like journeys through history.  One of our kids' best friends made soldier garb for both the boys for his 4-H sewing project.  tabard and tunicsBeautifully done with my sympathies for having twin best pals. 

The teachers association had their say in the article too:

Sometimes learning happens best in social settings, said Tara Ehrcke, president of the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association.

“A lot of coming to school is not just about the curriculum, it’s about social interaction with others,” she said. “I think if parents are going (the homeschooling) route that it’s important that those are pieces they consider.”

Of course, homeschoolers do consider hanging around with others. Parents need it just as much as the children.  It's not about school socialization, however.  It's about what most everyone else does in our world except those children who are under the compulsory attendance age limitations of schools. Homeschoolers can follow that crazy notion of socializing with various folks of different age in countless locations, including the local museum or library or park.  We likely don't need a lecture from a union president to know that about our families.


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  1. ugh the dreaded "socialization" issue, when are people going to get over that one?  I see kids walking around town after school and think, my kids are considered strange?  really?
    Stopping by from the homeschool carnival.

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