Only good thing from this terrible tragedy….

Is that the detective figured this one out.  If anyone would want to have an affair, homeschooling would not be the way to go.  Homeschoolers can NOT be easily accused of infidelity. 

Detective Osvaldo Ramos:

"Considering the wife was homeschooling the children, she really didn’t have an opportunity to be unfaithful to him," said Detective Osvaldo Ramos, lead investigator on the case for the Miami Beach police.

We are easily ‘accused’ of the silliness of no oversight = "something to hide".  [Again, see "home-schooling researcher", (gimme a break-researching what?!), Michael Apple’s quotes in a great unschooling article from the Sun Times. ] ht to to Home Education Magazine News and Commentary.

As I’m sure all of that is far from Ms. Van Dyk’s mind right now, I hope she is finding some peace after losing her family.

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