No Universal Preschool≠More Incarceration

This DC Examiner editorial below is an unusual one….it follows some logic without soundbites:
Editorial: Rescue kids stuck in K-12

Touted as a solution to poor school performance, the push for universal preschool nationwide is based on the questionable assumption that children will do better academically by spending even more time in an institutionalized school setting.

Advocates of these new entitlement programs claim the benefits will eventually exceed their considerable costs. According to Pre-K for All, a District-based advocacy group, test scores and graduation rates will go up, incarceration rates will go down and taxpayers will save $81 million after placing 3- and 4-year-olds in “high-quality” preschools with skilled teachers, small class sizes and a comprehensive curriculum aligned with national standards. In other words, exactly what a sound K-12 system should provide.

But because D.C. has been unable to provide a “high-quality” education of any kind, such claims must be tempered with a considerable amount of skepticism.

Here’s the logic that politicians and bureaucrats have never been able to answer, but just keep on keeping on:

Instead of creating yet another education bureaucracy of dubious value, the District should spend the money rescuing children already stuck in its K-12 disaster instead.


No Universal Preschool≠More Incarceration — 2 Comments

  1. I hadn’t seen that article. It is definitely odd.
    “In retrospect, that’s what I think my son meant by “ABC school”: the challenges that felt important to him were learning not to cry when he was dropped off, not to bite other children, to wait his turn and to endure terrifying fire drills. They aren’t ingredients of future brilliance but maybe of something more important — a spirit of resilience.”

    Her focus on resilience for little ones and mine are a little different. Her son learned not to cry being dropped off away from her, not to bite (by strangers), to stand in line and wait….and endure scary things. It’s not particularly comforting that presidential candidates are referring to UP w/o the “warm and cuddly” effectiveness, but rather in “wonky” terms and emphasis.

    Resilience didn’t seem to have a good place for 3 and 4 year olds in my mind. (When I had my wits about me anyway.)They’re just out of (or not) diapers. They are intensely curious within safe boundaries of “warm and cuddly” their family.

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