More current information on Abraham

Spunky has more information including questions from Judy Aron about the legal base that this judge used (or didn’t), in making his decision to infiltrate Abraham’s body with drugs not of his or his family’s choice.
[correction-From Spunky’s post about another case close to home for her (her neighbor)].

The responsibility for that decision rests with the parents and they feel they made the best decision for their son. They are at peace. If the state takes on this decision for Abraham and the same thing happens to Abraham, what responsibility will the state take for their actions? The state which claims to have the best interest of the child, suddenly has no interest at all and the parents are left without their son.

The State has time on their side.  Abraham has his family and a wing or two and many prayers.

Tuesday evening

More good updates on Spunky’s blog.  No chemo today per the Cherrix family decision.  Court postponed until August 16. 
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  1. Susan, just to clarify the quote you used. The first part of this paragraph refers to my neighbor’s nephew. You left that part off. He had the same treatment they are asking Abraham to take. He has died but the parents feel they made the best decision for their son. They are at peace with their decision. Peace for Abraham parent’s isn’t so easy, since the state took away their right to make the final decision. The way this is reads, some could think I was saying that this whole paragraph is referring to the Cherrix. It doesn’t.

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