Lincoln City Council Disregards Homeschoolers

The Lincoln Courier has been covering a Lincoln City Council proposal for a truancy ordinance/daytime curfew.  Here’s their last editorial below. (The vote is scheduled for tomorrow evening):

 Did someone say truancy?

Last April, the L-C also had an editorial about this ordinance discussion.  They weren’t liking the suggestion of an alderwoman that homeschoolers wear badges outside the home:

Be careful with truancy ordinance Lincoln Courier Editorial

We oppose that idea. Home schooled kids, just by virtue of being schooled at home, already belong to a group of “different” kids. We see no reason to further single them out for further ostracizing.

Home schooled kids as a group generally are bright, motivated and skilled at studying independently. While every group has its problems, we see no reason to single out home schoolers simply because they might not be in a classroom.

That, we think, is the fear of the parents. That their children would feel inhibited and restricted.

The latter L-C editorial ended with this, which seems to make sense:

Why not call a summit, if you will, of all parties involved with this matter? Let’s have a discussion of the county’s ordinance (What makes it trash?), the city’s proposed ordinance, the home-school parents’ worries. Let’s get Jean Anderson’s office at the forefront; she seems genuinely concerned and knowledgeable about our truancy problem and the side issues that have surfaced.

Lurking somewhere is a compromise that doesn’t compromise what everyone wants — a way to tackle the truancy issue.

It seems like the Regional Office of Education Supt. Anderson should be at the forefront engaging kids in the educational process in school.  What’s happening in the classrooms that makes kids not want to be there?  Where are the Logan/Mason and Menard County schools failing? 

It’s baffled me that the city(ies) and communities don’t hold tax paid feet to the fire about educational accountability.  Kids don’t want to be ignorant.  So, engage them in learning as the bottom line rather than a body count for funding. 

Compulsory attendance provides funding/body.  This truancy ordinance provides funding/truant body.  On the kids’ backs.  What an easy target.

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